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Photography is my passion. Through the lens, the world looks different and I would like to show you this difference. You can see it in my albums that are presented here.

Maregi's Birthday Portrait Shoot
Portrait Photos Maregi’s Birthday Photoshoot 2020
Irene's Portrait Shoot in Ngong
Portrait Photos Irene’s Portrait Photography Shoot
Couple Photography: Mukami & Manu
Portrait Photos Couple Portrait Photography: Mukami & Manu
Olive's Portrait Shots
Portrait Photos Olive’s Portrait Shots
Professional Girl's Portraits
Portrait Photos Kaluki’s Portraits
Rotary District Conference - Diani 2022
Event Photos Rotary District 9212 Conference – Diani 2022
Birthday Photography: Lydia's Portraits Shots
Portrait Photos Lydia’s Birthday Portraits Shoot 2020
Beth Kaeke Fashion
Fashion Photos, Portrait Photos Beth Kaeke Fashion Portraits
Ruth's Portrait Shoot
Portrait Photos Ruth’s Portrait Shoot at the Windsor
Faith & David's Wedding Photoshoot
Event Photos, Love Story, Portrait Photos Faith & David’s Wedding Photoshoot
Rotary Club of Nairobi Nabo golf tournament
Event Photos, Sports Photography Rotary Club of Nairobi Nabo Golf Tournament
Rotary International President visit to Kenya
Event Photos Rotary International President Visit to Kenya
Adrian's Run - Volvo Owners Hangout
Event Photos Adrian’s Run 2
Fashion Photos, Portrait Photos Studio Portrait & Baby Bump Photoshoot
RYLA Excel 2023
Event Photos RYLA Excel 2023
Stella's Serene Garden Bridal Shower
Event Photos, Portrait Photos Stella’s Serene Garden Bridal Shower
Alex Nyaga Portraits
Portrait Photos Alex Nyaga Portraits
Love Photography: Emmah & Caleb
Love Story, Portrait Photos Emmah & Caleb’s Love Photoshoot
Esther & Cyrus African Wedding
Love Story Esther & Cyrus African Wedding
NewSpace Africa 2022
Event Photos NewSpace Africa 2022
French Boudoir/Lingerie Shoot
Commercial Photos, Portrait Photos French Boudoir/Lingerie Shoot
Stylish Formal Fashion Captures
Fashion Photos, Portrait Photos Stylish Formal Fashion Captures
Yvonne Ng'ong'a Birthday Shoot
Portrait Photos Yvonne’s Birthday Portraits 2020
Africa CDC - RCC Launch
Commercial Photos, Event Photos Africa CDC – RCC Office Launch
Love Story, Wedding Photos Celebrating Love: Esther & Cyrus Unite in Stunning Wedding Photos
District Governor's Handover
Event Photos The Rotary District Governor’s Handover Luncheon
Priyanka Chopra Jonas
Commercial Photos, Portrait Photos Priyanka Chopra Jonas
Rotary President Malaki Installation
Event Photos Rotary Club of Nairobi Madaraka’s 8th Installation
10th Rotary Club of Nairobi Madaraka installation
Event Photos 10th Rotary Madaraka Installation
Rotary Embakasi Installation 2023
Event Photos Rotary Embakasi Installation 2023
The Lemashons African Wedding
Portrait Photos, Wedding Photos The Lemashons African Wedding
Charity Photos, Event Photos Gakoigo Primary Library Project Launch
Kamene Ngala's Birthday Portrait Shots
Portrait Photos Kamene Ngala’s Birthday Portrait Shoot
1 Million Trees Launch by Rotary International President
Event Photos 1 Million Trees Project Launch
Jackie & Handel African Wedding
Event Photos, Wedding Photos Jackie & Handel African Wedding
Dr. Robin's Portraits
Portrait Photos Dr. Robin’s Portraits
Abigael & Dennis Love Shoot
Love Story, Portrait Photos Abigael & Dennis Love Shoot
Kung'u Sisters' Portrait Shoot
Portrait Photos Kung’u Sisters’ Portrait Shoot
Rotary Club of Nairobi South Installation
Event Photos Rotary Club of Nairobi South 57th Installation
Nairobi Business Forum - Binance Crypto
Event Photos Nairobi Business Forum – Binance Crypto
Couple Portrait Photoshoot
Love Story, Portrait Photos Love in Focus: Intimate Studio Portraits
Sheila & Nicole Portrait Shoot at Michuki Park
Portrait Photos Mom & Daughter Photoshoot: Sheila & Nicole
The Masquerade Party
Commercial Photos, Event Photos The Masquerade Party
Christine's Portrait Shots
Portrait Photos Christine’s Portrait Photoshoot
Jaber's Birthday Portrait Shoot
Portrait Photos Yvonne Jaber’s Birthday Portrait Shoot
Tina's 40th Birthday Portrait Shoot
Portrait Photos Tina’s 40th Birthday Portrait Shoot
Fiona's Beach Portraits
Portrait Photos Fiona’s Beach Portraits
Lucas Professional Portrait
Portrait Photos Lucas Professional Portrait
Rotary Club of Nairobi-NABO
Event Photos Rotary Club of Nairobi-NABO’s Inaugural Installation
Irene's Birthday Portraits 2024
Portrait Photos Irene’s Birthday Portraits 2024
Cynthia & Crispus White Wedding Photoshoot
Event Photos, Love Story, Wedding Photos Cynthia & Crispus White Wedding Photoshoot
Aggie's Baby Bump Photoshoot
Portrait Photos Aggie’s Baby Bump Portrait Shoot
Parapet Cleaning
Portrait Photos Parapet Cleaning Board Portrait Shoot
Maasai White Wedding Photography Narok Kenya
Love Story, Wedding Photos Mr. & Mrs. Gilisho Maasai Wedding Photoshoot
Frontline Healthcare Workers Training
Commercial Photos, Event Photos Africa CDC’s Frontline Healthcare Workers Training
Rotary Lavington Installation
Event Photos Rotary Club of Lavington Installation
Golfing Fellowship of Rotarians
Event Photos, Sports Photography Golfing Fellowship of Rotarians – Kenya Launch
Sustained Spiritual Leadership Book Launch
Event Photos Sustained Spiritual Leadership Book Launch
Chebaibai's Gym Birthday Shoot
Portrait Photos Chebaibai’s Birthday Gym Shoot
Beach Portrait Shoot
Portrait Photos Beach Portrait Shoot
Rotary International President Jennifer Jones
Portrait Photos Rotary International President Jennifer Jones
The Kungu Twins' Birthday Portraits
Portrait Photos The Kung’u Twins’ Birthday Portraits
Effie's Birthday Shots
Portrait Photos Effie’s Birthday Shoot
Unique Kenyan Baby Shower
Portrait Photos Unique Kenyan Baby Shower
Sam's Birthday Portrait Shoot
Love Story, Portrait Photos Sam’s Birthday Portrait Shoot
Corazon's Fashion Portraits
Fashion Photos, Portrait Photos Corazon’s Fashion Portraits
Event Photos 4th Installation of the Rotary Club of Nairobi Thika Road
Ruth's Portraits
Portrait Photos Ruth’s Portraits
Dolyn's Baby Shower Shoot
Portrait Photos Dolyn’s Baby Shower Portrait Shoot
Nafsi Private Screening
Event Photos Nafsi Private Screening
The Trio Photoshoot at Michuki Park
Portrait Photos The Trio: Best Friends’ Photoshoot
Ruracio Ceremony Captures
Wedding Photos Soulful Unions: Lucy & Jeff’s Ruracio Ceremony Captures
Stunning lady's portrait capturing timeless elegance and beauty in a professional photoshoot
Portrait Photos Elegance Captured: A Timeless Lady’s Portrait Experience
Nairobi Business Forum
Commercial Photos, Event Photos Nairobi Business Forum: May 2022 Edition
Naserian's Birthday Shoot
Event Photos Naserian’s Birthday Shoot
Martin's Professional Shoot
Portrait Photos Martin’s Professional Shoot
Maregi's Birthday Studio Shoot
Portrait Photos Maregi’s Birthday Studio Shoot
Kenyan girl portrait shoot
Portrait Photos Diana’s Portrait Shots

Nice to meet you, friend! My name is Victor Muto. I’m a professional photographer from Nairobi, Kenya. If you have any questions, suggestions or you just want to book a photo session feel free to use the contact form below. Lets make something great together!

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