2020 Resolutions

It’s the first day of this brand new year, and as always, everyone has their new resolutions written up. I’ve never really been so keen on drafting them in the past. Exactly one year ago today, I started the year with no resolution. 2019 was more or less a year for self-discovery. However, my 2020 resolutions are objectives am seeking to achieve in order to become a better version of current self.

2020 Resolutions 1: Be Physically Available

One of my biggest setbacks was that I wasn’t physically available to my friends and family. When I set out on my journey of self discovery, I distanced myself from a number of my friends and family members. Promises of meeting and catching up over drinks or visiting them went down the drain. As a result, friendships have gotten strained or gone under. As my first 2020 objective, I want to be more available. Keep my promises of catching up with friends. And hopefully, rebuild old friendships over a cup of coffee.

Group of friends hanging out after 2020 Resolution One

2020 Resolutions 2: Update my Skills

I think the laziest thing I’ve done in 2019 is not catching up on latest trends with respect to photography, graphic design and web design. I’m catching up on latest software such as Photoshop, InDesign, Lightroom but the new skills am quite lagging behind. Udemy & Alison Courses are some of the online tools I will be maximizing in the year. I highly recommend these two platforms if you’d love to learn almost anything, and they range from free to about $12 for Udemy.

2020 Resolution 2: Online learning

2020 Resolution 3: Give Back Some More

This is one 2020 Objective am really psyched about and have 1000% confidence of achieving. One of my greatest joys is giving back to those are who are less fortunate. Be it in terms of donating my skills, mentorship, taking part in a project – it’s ever a great source of joy. Over the years, donating blood had become a routine. However, the last three years I haven’t been able to give even a pint of blood. In 2020, this definitely has got to change. Besides blood donation, I intend to do more mentorship. During the last chapati forum, I discovered one of the boys is a really talented photographer. Reviewing some of his works together, I promised to mentor him and tag him along for my future works.

Kneading the dough at Chapati Forum 4.0
Chapati Forum 4.0

2020 Resolution 4: Have More Time for Myself

I can’t possibly remember the last time I actually went on a vacation. 2018 I had one or two major breaks to travel and unwind in a completely different environment. 2019 was the complete opposite. With assignments back to back, getting some quality time for myself was out of the question. My mind was focused on scoring and delivering more work. Even before this year had set in, am already researching of possible destinations. Will it be Naivasha or Nanyuki? Mmmmmh? Only time will tell.

2020 Resolutions 4:Travel

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