29 Years…

29 Years…

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It’s been 29 years since I escaped my mother’s womb. Damn! Time does fly by. My 28th year has been a blend of fun, tears and lots of learning and self-discovery. A year ago today, I was still recovering from depression and is it would be expected of others, I chose not to set any targets for the year. Instead, I made the hard choice to go on a journey of self discovery. It was a great decision.

My 28th Year…

Years ago, on my 26th I first celebrated my birthday with the amazing young boys of Streetnizers Boys Rescue Center. Streetnizers is an institution that rescues boys from the streets and rehabilitates them, by providing them with warm clothing, a bed to lay their head and a formal education.

Chapati being prepared at Chapati Forum

My Rotary Club, during my 28th birthday, decided to join me in the 3rd edition of Chapati Forum, making it the largest event since 2016. Also joining were Rotaractors from Rotaract Club of UON Afya and Rotaract Club of Nairobi Parklands.

Uncle K

To say that my 28th year started on a bad note would be a great understatement. Despite battling my depression, I’ve never been in touch with my emotional side. Early January I lost my uncle K. He was an integral part of my life and his death was a major blow. It rolled back all the progress I had made with my recovery. Growing up, Uncle K moulded me from a mere naive boy to a bold and confident man. He developed in me a great love for reggae music, more so roots. And with only a couple of weeks to his anniversary since his passing, am learning that it’s okay to cry. Crying releases you from the bondage of self-pity. It’s an opening to release all the pain. A door to finally accepting and moving on.

Parte after Parte!

What’s a great year without some great partying. Even with the hurdles I was facing, I still chose to be happy. To live life. To party just a little bit more. My biggest party yet had to be the 93rd District Conference and Assembly. This annual event was set in the scenic coastal town of Mombasa. For four days, my friends (read Mada Rotarians) and I partied non-stop; leading to hangovers the following morning.

Venue of one of the parties
Venue of one of the parties

Rotary & Rotaract

It’s been one year since getting inducted into Rotary. The experience thus far – AMAZIIIIING! Rotary has been a platform to network with other professionals from diverse fields. The networks have become clients, while others have become close friends. The best experience was getting to setup a new Rotaract Club. Setting up Rotaract UON Afya was a fulfilling experience and am a very proud father so far. lol.


Being the second year as a full-time photographer, am clearly getting better at it. Looking back at where I started, I’ve learnt from my mistakes and improved on a lot of the areas I was messing up. 2019 saw a fair share of photography jobs. My 28th year was indeed a great year. I increased my portfolio items, and ventured into new areas of photography. Fashion photography is the most recent, and already booked two more. I did a number of wedding shoots, potrait photography jobs, as well as event shots.

29th Year?

Do you ever get that gut feeling that it will actually be a better season? Well, that’s what my gut tells me.

Live. Laugh. Love

chapati forum 4.0

A happy 29th birthday to me.

To a great year ahead

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