When it Rains…

When it Rains…

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It’s been raining for the last couple of days. More reasons for me, and guess everyone else to remain indoors. The weather is even a better reason to hold tightly to our bed covers for some warmth. Or sip an extra cup of hot milo. But that’s not just me. This weather hasn’t stopped me from doing more shots or enjoying the day.

Woke up today to more downpour. Normally I would have chosen to stay in bed and enjoy the warmth. It’s a Saturday and what else can you do with the rain pouring outside? It definitely ruined plans to go get more supplies. But it didn’t ruin any plan to take some shots.

My office window doesn’t exactly have the best view in the world. But with the rainfall, the tree outside was looking spectacular with drops falling through the leaves. As a creative photographer, you are bound to get a few ideas with such a view.

Rain Photography

Does the term rain photography even exist? Taking photos in the rain, maybe? Well, it now lives in the Muto Dictionary (lol). I’ve always imagined capturing the drops as the rain falls. Hard right? I don’t think so. You could capture depending on your shutter speed, ISO, and aperture. Alternatively, you could shoot the drops as the rain pours down the tree leaves, while still adjusting your aperture and shutter speed. I can assure you, though, that those shots are not as easy to capture. With a great lense (Canon EF 75-300mm) and a perfect balance of the shutter speed, ISO, and aperture, I managed a couple of great shots.


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April 20, 2020 Wa Francis

.beautiful photos…they would do for amazing wall papers

April 21, 2020 muto

oh yes they can. Wanna upload them to some free stock photos site for people to use

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