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It’s been raining for the last couple of days. More reasons for me, and guess everyone else to remain indoors. The weather is even a better reason to hold tightly to our bed covers for some warmth. Or sip an extra cup of hot milo. But that’s not just me. This weather hasn’t stopped me...
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A successful photoshoot, whether portrait, wedding or event, is determined by a number of factors. I have been a professional photographer for two years now. Before then, I was a complete amateur. Hardly knew how to operate a DSLR. But I believe every great photographer starts from here. Over the two years, I have made...
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It’s been thirty-days or so since we all started working from home. For most this wasn’t an easy move. But I guess by now we’ve all gotten used to it. As a freelance photographer, designer & digital marketer, working from home is normal for me. The only difference is that I have to maintain social...
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