Working from Home Shots

Working from Home Shots

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It’s been thirty-days or so since we all started working from home. For most this wasn’t an easy move. But I guess by now we’ve all gotten used to it. As a freelance photographer, designer & digital marketer, working from home is normal for me. The only difference is that I have to maintain social distancing with everyone, even the kids who play outside my door.

With the social distancing, the directive came with lots of photo-shoot cancellations. I had been booked for about five events since February which got canceled. That means since February I’ve been indoors doing pretty much everything besides photography. This is boring to me as I am accustomed to doing at least one shoot every week.

My Work from Home Shots

But they say necessity is the mother of innovation. Just because I am indoors 90% of the time doesn’t mean I couldn’t do a bit of photography. Peter McKinnon (nearly everyone’s role model and mine too) started a work from home photography campaign. Dubbed #PMAssignments photographers globally would take shots on a particular theme and post on social media. And like everyone else, I got onto the bandwagon.

Working from home shot depicting items on my office desk.

My first shot was for random items on my home office desk. Since 95% of the time I am indoors am at my desk, I always have sanitizer (very important), toothpicks (because am always eating at my desk) and cotton buds. The three are the most used items on my desk, besides my laptop and phone.

Working from home shot of my living room

First theme of #PMAssignments was isolation. Every photographer was open to interpret what isolation meant to them. My interpretation was a shot of my living room to depict loneliness. I hardly spend any time here except when having guests. My living room has been feeling lonely, no one to spend some quality time in it.

B&W selfie shot

The third shot is all about me. All my friends and clients always complain that I never appear in photos. I am not accustomed to posing for photos, and I suck at it. For this particular photo I made it work. I posed and got a really good side of me (with a really bad hair day).

Continuing with the #PMAssignments bandwagon on isolation, my second submission was a shot of my home office desk. Working from home, though, has taught me a new skill. I’m learning to do more of B&W shots and working with dark tones. And as we continue to the social distance in our houses, I can’t wait to see more B&W shots.


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