Hey, 31: Happy Birthday El Jefe

Hey, 31. I wasn’t expecting to see you this soon. Wasn’t it just the other day I was hanging out with 30? Damn! Time, as they say, flies by while you’re having fun. For sure, 30 was a lot of fun. But it also had its own share of challenges. Quite a chunk of it. On that thought, it has been ages since my last blog.

3rd Floor

At 29, just before crossing over to 30, I always thought things would always remain the same. The conversations, life priorities, religion, etc. 30 however, taught me a lot of lessons and the experience was way different from 29. It was also the point I made one or two discoveries about myself.

My priorities at 29 were… What’s the word?🤔 Stupid! I was focused on having fun (read pinting some good old scotch), settling down quickly, and having a family. I thought at 29 I was ready to settle down without putting a lot of critical thought into it. Foolish 29!

30, however, came with a reset button. It was like I had undergone an NTFS operating system reset. The change wasn’t instant but gradual. I started realizing that there was more to life, and the mistakes 29 was about to make would have had life-long consequences.

Priorities post-30 were the exact opposite of 29. My key priorities became peace of mind and a deep spiritual connection with my Maker. Secondary to these were growing my professional skills and creating value in my networks/friendships. My circle of influence post-30 became even smaller, and these were people who had a positive influence on my life.

The conversations at 30 are so different. Most especially with my parents (read mom). Despite it not being a major priority right now, seldom does a week go by before my mom asks what your life plan is (which in actual terms means when am I seeing my grandchild). I really don’t mind the talk because I will always remind my mom that it’s no longer a priority for me. And I think for my fellow 30-somethings who are fellow members in the singles’ club, having a child isn’t usually what comes first in your mind in the morning. Yes sure, it does crop up from time to time, but we brush it off after minutes of building castles in the sky.

Lessons & New Discoveries

30 came with a whole set of lessons to learn from, as well as some new discoveries about myself. My biggest lesson was that only I was solely responsible for my own happiness. I had gotten used to the normalcy of relying on someone else for my happiness, and this often led to disappointments. And the disappointments were many 😔🤕 The change wasn’t an instant 360 turnaround. I take each new day as a win.

My biggest discovery was the fact that I really am a great photographer (not blowing my trumpet here). Most of my friends would always tell me how great a photographer I am but I have always struggled with self-doubt, and I would always sell myself short. However, just a few months ago, I made the realization that I actually am a dope photographer. And due to self-doubt, I had devalued my brand to my clients. Reevaluating myself helped me to tackle the weak points and also in coming up with a great value that not only represented the wealth of skill I brought to the game but also the value of money to the client (s).

Hey, 31

31 as we start this new journey together, I can only hope for an amazing story. I know the story won’t always be rosy but isn’t that what makes life so fun?

Happy Birthday, El Jefe.

Live. Love. Laugh

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